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Who we are

Our goal is simple:

to inform and inspire.

Little Scorpion Studios Inc. is dedicated to telling the stories of organizations and propelling them towards their goals. By informing and inspiring audiences, we strive to make the world a better place.

After working for many years in Hollywood for large studios such as NBC and Freeform, founder Abigail Steckler decided she wanted to take her video skills and expertise and put them to use in service of ideas and causes that matter.  After all, video is the single best way to communicate ideas and reach viewers around the globe.

Since its inception, Little Scorpion has travelled throughout the world making documentaries and promotional videos for NGOs, nonprofits, and important causes. We can't wait to  tell your story!



Little Scorpion Studios is your one-stop shop for all production needs. We will work with your company to find the best way to capture your story, and provide all the production materials and expertise. From drone photography to 4K cameras, from small one day shoots to multi-week projects, we have it all covered.

Capturing the footage is only half the story. Little Scorpion has years of post-production experience for major networks such as Freeform and NBC. We can cut everything from social-media friendly trailers to long-form documentaries. Music editing, sound design, color correction and graphics animation? Yes to all.

There's a lot of noise out there - Little Scorpion will amplify your voice and help you stand out in the crowd. Through social media strategy, website design, multi-media usage of video, photography, graphics, newsletters and blogs, we can solidify your brand across platforms, improve visibility, and prepare you for growth.

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