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Little Scorpion has entered the podcast-verse with several projects in production and even more in development. From cute romance stories to youth empowerment, we've got you covered. We would love to work with you to develop any of your podcast projects. 

iHeart Radio -
Exit Interview

Haven't you always been curious what your exes have to say about you? We produced this 12-episode limited series in partnership with iHeart Radio and Frolic Media, a process which included extensive casting, production, and final mixing and marketing. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 11.13.00 AM.png

iHeart Radio - LoveStruck Daily

In partnership with iHeart Radio and Frolic Media, we are producing this daily romance podcast, featuring a love story a day with hosts Sarah Wendell and Alisha Rai. Click the logo to listen!

Little Scorpion -
The 2033 Podcast

Can we change the world by the year 2033? Sibling hosts Abigail and Tim Steckler invite on young professionals who are on their way to making an impact in their fields. All the empowerment and inspiration you need. Click the logo to listen!

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