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The Fuller Project

We have worked with the Fuller Project to create several promotional video series, highlighting their essential work supporting journalism by and about women.

About Us

What is the Fuller Project? Watch this video to find out. At Little Scorpion, we created this video from start to finish, beginning with the animation storyboarding, including interview filming, and finishing with editing & sound mixing. 

Afghan Women's Year-Long Fight against the Taliban

Working in partnership with the Fuller Project, we collaborated with women on the ground in Afghanistan to document their courageous fight against the Taliban.  

Impact Videos

We created this series, each video following a journalist exploring a story that had a major impact. All of these videos were safely filmed during Covid, and we handled all of the editing and graphics animation.

Tik Tok Video

We worked on this piece in collaboration with the New York Times, showcasing domestic workers in the Middle East using TikTok to speak out about abuse.

Promo Video

We produced this overall promotional video to showcase The Fuller Project's groundbreaking work. 

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